Budd Long

Pastor of CARE

I accepted Christ when I was 11 years old at a Nazarene Church Camp in spite of what I was being taught about no such thing as eternal security. I was a teenager before I knew what it meant to be serving Christ. I did not truly start maturing in my walk until Pastor Rick started preaching. I know it is through the Holy Spirit that I’ve come to where I am today and I have been changed by God's word come through Rick’s sermons. I never had a Father figure in my home, but I knew the Heavenly Father wanted me. I Thank God for His many blessings in my life - from Pennsylvania, to Ohio, to Colorado, to Missouri, to Kansas and finally back to Colorado, God had me in His care even when I didn’t know it.

What is your favorite season & why?

Fall is my favorite time of year, I was married to my Sweetheart on September 18th, 1965. We take our anniversary vacation every year to Estes Park, it is as close to Heaven there is for us. You can not help but feel and see God everywhere there.

What is your favorite treat or snack?

I love blackberry cobbler.

A place you would like to visit?

Israel - but no flying and no cruises. I will have to wait until Jesus takes me there

What is your favorite book?

Book of Romans, I have not read anything better (secular).

What is your idea of a perfect day?

Admiring my God in Estes - looking at His creation, being still and knowing He is God really comes to life there.