CJ Hinds

Music Intern

I am a military brat, so I was born in the Netherlands and have since moved a good few times, but my whole family considers Oklahoma our home state. I grew up in the church and have loved most every part of it. I have a passion for all kinds of music and love learning about almost any topic. Knowledge is awesome!

What is your favorite season & why?

Summer. I don't like school. I love working!

What is your favorite treat or snack?

Fruit Snacks and M&M's

One thing people don't know about you?

My nostrils are lopsided

A place you would like to visit?

New Zealand

What is your favorite quote?

“I don't deny," he said, "that there should be priests to remind men that they will one day die. I only say that at certain strange epochs it is necessary to have another kind of priests, called poets, actually to remind men that they are not dead yet.”

G.K. Chesterton, Manalive