ESL Conversation Group

Thursday | 6:00 to 8:00pm
March 14 - May 16
Meeting at Grace Church | REACH Center

If you know someone in your family or community who could benefit, inviting them to our ESL group is a great way to introduce them to Grace Church and prepare them to participate in our Spanish Speaking Service coming in 2025.

If you are primarily a Spanish speaker and would like to improve your English language skills, sign up to participate in our ESL Conversation group! 

Si habla principalmente espanol y te gustaria mejorar sus habilidades en el idioma ingles, registrate para participar en nuestro grupo de conversacion de ESL. Para obtener mas informacion, escanee este Codigo.

If you speak both English and Spanish and can help Spanish speakers sharpen their English language skills, volunteer to help in our ESL classes! You can choose the dates that work for you (we will have 10 classes offered in the Spring and Fall).