Kayleen Lawton

Grace Kids Early Childhood Intern


Born and raised here in the beautiful state of Colorado, I grew up in a different household model than most people. Raised by my amazing grandma, who was the only person I called Mom, was the first glimpse I had of what unconditional love was. After she passed away in 2010, I went on a search to find that same love she gave me. I trusted in Christ in 2014, my junior year of high school, here at Grace and it’s been my home ever since! I had the incredible blessing of being baptized in 2018 on Mother’s Day with my mentor, leader, and best friend by my side! It was the most incredible experience that will forever hold a place in my heart. Now I strive on a daily basis to be a woman my mom can be proud of and gloat about up in Heaven with my fur baby, Brandy, by my side.

What is my biggest challenge?

Battling my mental health. I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and PTSD in 2019 after I fell into a major depression episode after my uncle and cousin both took their lives seven months apart from each other. I share this often because mental health awareness is not talked about as much as it should be and it’s not taken as serious as it needs to be. I’m determined to make that change.

What is your favorite season and why?

I’m a fall girl inside and out! I love everything about the season. The cool weather, the beautiful colors, the cozy clothes, everything pumpkin spice, and of course, my birthday! I live for fall days!

What is your favorite treat or snack?

Believe it or not, I’m not a huge snacker. However, give me a piece of cheesecake or a s’more and we’ll be best friends! (And coffee, always coffee!)

What or who inspires you most?

I have so many people that inspire me, but my biggest inspirations are my little siblings or my ‘littles’ as I call them. I’m a big sissy to Riley (8), Tanner (6), and Walker (2). These three littles inspire me on a daily to be the best person, role model, and inspiration I can be to them. They give me so much purpose, strength, and love in this life!

A place you would like to visit?

PARIS! I’ve always had a fascination with the beautiful city. To stand on top of the Eiffel Tower is one of my biggest life goals and dreams!