Care Teams

Support individuals and families in their time of need through prayer and one-on-one care.

prayer team

Meet with a team of prayer warriors once a week to pray or pray from home for the many requests we receive at Grace.  Opportunities to serve also include providing in-office support to enter the requests each week into our database.


Assisting with memorial services as needs arise, including providing meals to hurting families.

Memorial Care Team
 - Care Support
 - Flower Team
 - Meal Train Team
 - Admin Care

Post Memorial Family Care
 - Follow up with family
 - Send flowers/cards
 - Send meals - Meal Train Team (gift cards)


Assist the Pastor of Care in caring for families during difficult times, visitations, etc.

Reflection Dinner Team
Hospital Visitation
Prayer & Counsel (Lay Pastor)

celebrate recovery TEAM

Opportunities to serve during dinner/special events, welcoming and assisting participants, and leading recovery-specific groups.